Conference Speaker Jorge CUELLAR

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Job title Research scientist
Organisation Siemens AG

Jorge Cuellar is a principal research scientist at Siemens AG. He was awarded the DI-ST Award for the best technical Achievement for his work on modelling of operating systems and transaction managers. He has co-authored about 30 papers on different topics, including mathematical modelling of performance analysis, on learning algorithms, hand-writing recognition, formal specification and verification of distributed system design, and security.

He has done technical standardization work, related to the development of privacy and security protocols at the IETF, 3GPP, and the Open Mobile Alliance.  He has worked in several EU funded research projects, in particular in AVISPA and AVANTSSAR, both related to the formal modelling and verification of security and currently in NESSoS, WebSand and SPACIoS. He has served in many Program Committees in international conferences, and in particular he has been the PC Co-Chair of SEFM (Software Engineering and Formal Methods in 2004), FM’08 (Formal Methods in 2008), and STM’10 and in the steering committee of ESSoS.  He has presented more than 20 invited talks at conferences and seminars, and acts regularly as a reviewer for international conferences and journals. He has been in the editorial board of Journal of Science of Computer Programming – Elsevier, and has been guest editor in several journals.

He is a member of the Industrial Curatory Board of Dagstuhl, Leibniz Centre for Informatics, the world's premier venue for informatics. He has held many short term visiting teaching positions, in different Universities around the world.