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September 2012: CAF - CONNECT Advisory Forum for ICT Research and Innovation

As part of the preparation for Horizon 2020 DG CONNECT is setting up a new advisory structure – the CAF (CONNECT Advisory Forum for ICT Research and Innovation) – that will replace the ISTAG.The CAF will be providing advice to DG CONNECT about the orientations for research and innovation activities and initiatives dealing with communication networks, computing systems, digital content and related technologies.
The "call for expressions of interest" for the selection of the members of the CAF is open until the 26th October. Applications may be submitted by individuals, representatives of collective interest groups and organisations. The prospective members should correspond to the following profiles (see detailed description in the text of the call):
Members with expertise in technological aspects of ICT (emphasis on industry, SMEs)
Members with expertise in transformative frontier research
Members with an ICT perspective of the societal challenges
ICT market development and governance actors
Members representing the views of civil society
Release date 24/09/2012
Contributor Daria Catalui