News Call for Papers Announced for CyCon 2013

NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence has announced the call for papers for its fifth international conference on cyber conflict. The annual interdisciplinary conference takes place in June next year and focuses on use of automatic methods in cyber conflicts. The conference will be organised along a Strategic Track and a Technical Track with legal aspects incorporated in these two tracks.  Deadline for abstract submission is set for 1 November 2012

As the modern society becomes increasingly dependent on information technology, it also becomes more sensitive to cyber conflict. One way forward is through systems that require less, if any, human oversight to operate. This can already be seen in the expanding use of sophisticated models and algorithms in network traffic analysis and correlation, cyber attack detection and classification, cyber asset vulnerability analysis, prediction of potential future attacks, and planning and generation of counter-attacks. The current approaches, which are mostly based on low-level data analysis and fusion, will likely evolve into approaches based on cognitive analysis of cyber conflict situation awareness and decision support. The methods of automation in cyber conflicts are closely tied to the models of cooperative man-machine user interfaces that form the base for integrating the machine and human intelligence in cyber conflict.

The conference organisers are looking for original unpublished research, applications and experience papers in topics such as conceptual framework of cyber conflicts, concepts for using automatic methods in cyber conflict, actors in cyber conflict, automation of procedures in cyber conflicts, technical case studies, experiments and systems, cyber conflict models, reasoning and attribution in cyber conflict, targeting and cyber attack impact assessment. More detailed overview of the topics can be found on the conference website

Release date 04/10/2012
Contributor Daria Catalui