Conference Speaker Dr. Nick PAPANIKOLAOU

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Organisation HP Labs Bristol

Member of the Program Committee

Nick is a Research Scientist in the Cloud and Security Lab at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories (HP Labs), Bristol, working on cloud security and privacy, as well as trust and security aspects of the Future Internet.
Until 2010, Nick was Research Fellow in the e-Security Group at the International Digital Laboratory within the University of Warwick, working in collaboration with Profs. Sadie Creese and Michael Goldsmith; in that role he worked on mathematical models of privacy, specification languages and models of policies, and design and verification of security protocols as part of the project EnCoRe ('Ensuring Consent and Revocation').

Nick's recent research has included:

  • Applied Natural-language processing and formalisation of privacy rules
  • CSP Modelling of Privacy Policies
  • Design and Validation of Security Protocols
  • Model Checking Techniques and Tools For Quantum Systems
  • Formal Specification Languages and Semantics For Quantum Programming
  • Logics For Probabilistic And Quantum Systems

Nick has been granted the honorary title of Associate Fellow at the Department of Computer Science, University of Warwick. You can find more information on Nick's academic webpage(with a more detailed publication list with links to preprints, and Twitter feed).