Conference Speaker Dr. Eleni KOSTA

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Eleni obtained her law degree at the University of Athens in 2002 (magna cum laude) and in 2004 she obtained a Masters degree in Public Law (summa cum laude) at the same University. In the academic year 2004-2005 she participated in the Postgraduate Study Programme in Legal Informatics (Rechtsinformatik) at the University of Hanover (EULISP) with a scholarship from the Greek State Scholarships Foundation (IKY) and she obtained her LL.M. (magna cum laude). During the Summer Term 2005, she came to the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven as an exchange student. In June 2011, Eleni obtained the title of Doctor of Law with a thesis entitled "Unravelling consent in European data protection legislation - a prospective study on consent in electronic communications" under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Jos Dumortier.

During her studies Eleni worked as a project assistant at the Diplomatic and Historical Archive of the Greek Ministry for Foreign Affairs and at the legal department of the Greek Council for the Refugees (United Nations High Commission for Refugees). She is a member of the Iraklion BAR Association and a part-time associate at the Brussels based law firm time.lex.

Eleni joined ICRI in the summer of 2005, where she conducts research in the field of privacy and identity management, specialising in new technologies. She worked on the European Projects PRIME (Privacy and Identity Management for Europe), PICOS (Privacy and Identity Management for Community Services)and was involved in the FIDIS Network of Excellence (Future of Identity in the Information Society NoE and in the Thematic Network PrivacyOS.She is currently working on the European FP7 reserach projects +Spaces (Policy simulation in virtual worlds) and EXPERIMEDIA (Experiments in live social and networked media experiences).

In May 2006, Eleni won the award for the Best Academic Paper for the paper “Data ‘re-tensions’ in the European electronic communications sector” at the 1st LSPI Conference (Hamburg – Germany, 30 April – 3 May 2006). During the 45th FITCE Congress (Athens – Greece, 30.08.2006 – 02.09.2006) she won the award for the Best Presentation by a Young ICT Professional for her presentation on “Data retention directive: What the Council cherishes, the privacy advocates reject and the industry fears…” and in the 46th FITCE Congress (Warsaw – Poland, 30.08.2007 – 01.09.2007) she won the award for Best Written Paper for the paper “RFID Technology: When Innovation Brings Along Data Protection Challenges”.