News APF 2014 update


Building on the success of the 1st edition Annual Privacy Forum - APF’2012, the 2nd edition of APF will be jointly organized in Athens on 15th and 16th of May 2014 during the Greek Presidency of the Council of the EU, by


• The European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA)

• Systems Security Laboratory (SSL) of the University of Piraeus (local organizer)


Call for Scientific Papers 2014 (to be announced)

Papers should focus on topics under the following themes: 

• Building privacy by design and by default

• Cryptography for privacy

• Data protection technologies

• Economics of privacy and PETs

• Enhancing privacy in existing systems

• Identity management and privacy

• Location and mobility privacy

• Privacy awareness raising and education

• Privacy and inference control in databases

• Privacy and privacy technologies attacks

• Privacy by policy

• Privacy models

• Privacy-enhanced access control or authentication/certification

• Privacy-friendly payment mechanisms for PETs and other services

• Privacy in Online Social Networks

• Privacy policy languages and tools

• Pseudonyms, anonymization, identity management, link ability, and reputation

• Reliability, robustness and abuse prevention in privacy systems

• Traffic analysis

• Transparency enhancing tools

• Usability issues and user interfaces for PETs



Invitation for opinion articles 2014 (to be announced)

One of the main objectives of APF is to act as a bridge for closing links between the different communities involved in shaping the privacy scenario: policy makers, industry, academic sector and civil society organizations. With this aim, APF tries to engage individuals for all these different sectors which have an impact on the setting the privacy environment and trends.

To give an opportunity for a more proactive engagement to the other stakeholder communities, which don’t fall under the scope research call for papers, APF has decided to create a special APF electronic magazine aimed to collect opinion articles from relevant experts in the area of privacy.

With this aim, APF makes an invitation to submit opinion articles on the topics on privacy to individuals involved in the following communities:

• Policy makers and supervisory authorities in the area of privacy at an EU and Member State level;

• Industry experts, especially those from sectors involved in the processing of large volumes of personal data, as well those involved in the development of IT systems that support the processing of personal data;

• Members of non-governmental organizations and civil society associations with a focus on privacy;


More information will be published on  this autumn.




The Annual Privacy Forum 2012 report can be consulted on ENISA webpage:

Release date 12/08/2013
Contributor Daria Catalui